This wine showed up at Kokoman this weekend, so tried it again:
1. Matthiasson RibollaGialla MatthiassonVnyd/NapaVlly (12.2%) Napa 2014: Deep gold/burnished bronze bit cloudy color; very strong phenolic/resiny/skin-contact/cidery some poached peach/graham cracker/ginger snap rather honeyed/honeycomb slight nutty quite exotic/complex nose; very tart/austere/acidic very strong phenolic/resiny/pine sap/skin contact tangy/metallic some honeycomb/honeyed savorycomplex flavor w/ rather tannic bite; very long/lingering strong phenolic/resiny/pine sap acid/austere some honeycomb grangham cracker/ginger snap finish w/ some tannic bite; pretty classic prolonged skin-contact white. $44.50 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I originally tried this about 9 months ago. Pretty much the same wine still. Probably needs about 5-10 yrs. I served this at cool cellar temperature and it was severely austere on the palate. Has it warmed to room temperature, it became much more drinkable. And badly needs to be served w/ food.