Tried last night:
1. Harrington Vernalis PinotGris Ramato SanBenitoCnty (13.2%) 2017: Pale copper/salmon not really rose slight cloudy color; strong cranberry/watermelon/PG/floral bit earthy/dusty very juicy/fruity very light phenolic/resiny slight cotton candy/vanilla wafer rather aromatic nose; quite tart/tangy/metallic/steely bit earthy/dusty fairly rich/lush light phenolic/resiny cranberry/watermelon/juicy slight spicy/cinammon/cardamon interesting flavor w/ light tannins; long fairly tart/tangy/metallic light earthy/dusty strong juicy/cranberry fairly rich/lush light phenolic/resiny/skin-contact finish w/ light tangy tannins; very low-key in phenolic character; somewhat similar to Friuli PG Ramato but not as lean/austere & more rich/lush; doesn't have that refreshing/brisk character of a usual rose but quite an interesting wine. $25.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. PinotGris has, like GWT, a light pink pigmentation when fully ripe. Usually PG is made direct-to-press and results in a white wine. You can make it w/ brief skin-contact during fermentation, just enough to pick up some color. Or you can make it w/ extended skin-contact which results in an "orange" wine. You see the entire gamut in Friuli.
The phenolic content on this wine was pretty faint, so the skin-contact was probably not very extensive.
Vernalis is a British pharmaceutical company. So I presume Bryan regards this pretty little wine as a gateway drug for his higher-end/more-serious wines.