Interesting article by JamieGoode, as linked in WineTerroirist:

in which he argues that are wines should not taste "nice" or good, but they must taste "true".

I always sorta thought if the wine in the glass in front of me tasted "good", than that was all that was important. I know that that's not the criteria that I should be's supposed to taste "true".

This came up in the two Calif Picpouls I recently tried. I loved the TablasCreek Picpoul because it had this wonderful/powerful aromatics, the likes of which I'd never done did see'd in Picpoul. Alas, now Jamie tells me I should not like this wine because it's not "true" doesn't taste anything like a "true" Picpoul de Pinet. Me bad.

Carried to the logical extent, we should should not like Calif Picpoul, or Zin, or Cabernet, or PinotNoir. These are all fake varieties brought in from Europe....they do not taste "true". The only American wine we should like is Concord!! I guess??
Tom [stirthepot.gif]