Zind Humbrecht, Leonard
Alsace, France
Vendange Tardive
Bright golden color with a youthful sparkle, the color slowly deepening, surface shines well. Outrageously huge floral musk in the nose, spiced oranges, litchee, honey, too fresh to have developed much, lightly poached quality to the apricot, peach, pear scents, no real concentrated sugars left, attractively expansive. Medium-bodied, has shed a lot of weight and in the process gained fluidity. Litchee nut to more blanched nuts, earthy at turns. Has some acidity but not enough to really play up the grapefruit, tangerine citrus. The finish is on the weak side but it is so beautifully floral and honeyed that any flaws just don't matter. It has fully plateaued if youthful in its own fashion.
90 points