Stroppiana (Cascina Cucco) Barolo 1971

720 ml / 13.5%

Bottle # 42571

Stroppiana bought the Cascina Cucco from the Cappellano's in 1967. It's in Serralunga on East side of the ridge, between Brea and Broglio with Marenca / Rivette on the other side of the village. 340 to 390 meters high. They are now known as Cascina Cucco and the winery was recently sold to ? It's really unclear to me whether their newer wines are as good as the old ones. A great vineyard!

I've had their 1990 and 1967 before and they were both fantastic. This one was not. A soggy cork left a boring wine. I had my pen in hand but there was nothing to write. It hadn't gone bad, just had no nose and no flavors. Probably bottles with good corks would be great.

I've pretty much struck out with 1971. I've always wanted to have a good one because of the reputation of the vintage but I think there's only been one, a Fontanafredda Bianca or something like that, consumed very early on.

As Barolo never seems to taste great in the summer, I probably won't post again until fall.