Gibb's Hundred Brewing Company
Blind Man's Holiday Hoppy Pale Ale
American Pale Ale
North Carolina
12oz, 6-Pack
Big two finger plus head, pure white, mottled surface with slightly above average retention, the lacing more splotches than streaks. Fully cloudy yellow liquid, more opaque than translucent, lightens near the surface, allows you to see the tiny bubbles break the surface. The nose has a mild floral side but mostly bread crusts, pretzel dough, peppercorns, and white grapefruit pith, turns more leafy and dank as it warms, the pineapple, nectarine, apricot scents steady and not close to dominant. Medium to full-bodied, creamy and pushes outward consistently. The carbonation provides a broad and steady churn and adds to the fullness. The florality deeper here and the tangerine, orange citrus sweeter. More pine and honey and the breadiness even sweeter, like challah bread. Curiously, it's up to the pineapple, papaya to nectarine, peach fruit to provide some tartness and spine. No herbaceousness nor grassiness. Cleaner finish than expected, resets well. Very sessionable and while easy to drink this is not a sign of a simple brew, well done.
5 out of 5