Pisgah Brewing Company
Black Mtn Ale Black India Pale Ale
American Black Ale
North Carolina
22oz, Single
Just past one finger of deep tan foam, lots of pockmarks from larger bubbles popping, retention is fine, nothing remarkable, the lacing streaks are razor thin if noticeably long. Simple black hued liquid, at the surface you can see the tiniest bubbles imaginable push upwards. Heavy, heavy roast to the nose, as smoky as influenced by dark chocolate, coffee or chicory notes, quinine and white grapefruit pith, quiet black cherry fruit scents lurk about, the malts soften out the dissolve well. In the mouth it's medium-bodied and bitter, the smoky char, chicory and green leafiness ratcheted up. Taking this into consideration it has enough caramel and chocolate to pull back towards the center. The mixed white citrus bite remains but it's a struggle to find much fruit flavor. The carbonation feels acceptable yet the overwhelming bitterness makes it tough to register and especially lend any creaminess. Lightly medicinal aftertaste. Packs a lot of punch but not necessarily to a thought out end.
3 out of 5