Mendocino County, California
Eaglepoint Ranch
Dense blackish purple core completely opaque, encircled by thin orange to red rust rims. The nose comprised of coffee grinds, grill smoke and charred cedar, then damp earth and a smattering of plum, dark berry fruit scents, only an echo of florality left. Full-bodied and here in the mouth it remains close to the height of its power. Loaded with plum/prune, blackberry, blueberry fruit, sweet and unctuous. Higher level of menthol, lilacs and mint. The oak char is lower and blends in sweetening butterscotch, milk chocolate notes. By the finish has shed some of the fruit's richness allowing the alcohol to show. One of those "cut it with a steak knife" Zinfandels that was probably best in its most exuberant youth but is by no stretch bad now.
89 points