Mouton Rothschild, Chateau
Bordeaux, France
Just the tiniest hint of purple left in the core, on the whole it's a segue from brown to sunset red to orange and then yellow, quite clear (bottle stood up for some days). Smoky nose, saddle leather, loam, roasted cherry fruit, overall medicinal and tarry although with extended air time it calms down and becomes less turbulent. Medium-bodied and just that, has shed a considerable amount of weight and as a result the acidity can seem screechy. Tobacco leaf, cedar, saddle soap, spied orange peel and something menthol like, develops more nuances as it opens. The cherry, blackberry fruit all but gone so it's now the quintessential "aged claret." Probably on its last legs, maybe an impeccably stored bottle would have more flesh left. 78% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 4% Cabernet Franc.
87 points

*Not my bottle, likely not the best stored. High shoulder fill, cork disintegrated and was heavily stained.