Preyer Brewing Co.
First Week Of April Double Milkshake India Pale Ale (With Black Tea, Lemon Zest, And Lactose)
American Double/Imperial IPA
North Carolina
12oz, 4-Pack
Dense head even if only about a finger high, deep tan, the lacing forms a very broad sheet before sliding downwards. The liquid is beyond cloudy, looks like puree, dark orange and close to a tannish brown, if you see a bubble now and then it's a surprise. Medicinal nose, smells like Indian mukhwas, the lactose most prominent when first opened then recedes, lemon and orange citrus, anise, eventually gets around to more "normal" pine and grassy notes, the pineapple, papaya, nectarine fruit scents last an impressively long time. Full-bodied and foamy, expands quickly cheek to cheek. Creamy mouth feel, punctured by all those Indian spices, particularly makes an impression of ginger. A great deal more floral here which in turn plays up the pine sap element. The peach, nectarine, mango to pineapple fruit as juicy and resonant here as in the nose. Finishes with a touch of quinine. Despite its softness, fluffy overall texture it's pretty aggressive and the spice flavors don't let up at all. Extremely enjoyable and would probably go great with Indian or some Asian cuisine. But two cans might be the limit for a single sitting.
5 out of 5