Central State Brewing
Oatsplosion Oat India Pale Ale
American IPA
16oz, Single
Average pour fills half the pint glass with bleached white foam, very airy yet slow to dissolve, agitated surface, very uneven, hardly any lacing, tiny spots here or there. Washed out yellow hued liquid, translucently gauzy, oddly hardly any visible bubbles, maybe they exhausted themselves during the pour. Linear and fresh nose of lemon, lemon and more lemon, peppery with wafer cracker and lighter pine accents, no dankness at all, subtly tropical array of pear, pineapple, mango to guava fruit, more bite than juice, comes across overall as understated. Light to medium-bodied, the carbonation is low so it can seem sluggish at times and trudges across the palate. Still, has a generally creamy texture which takes the edge of the lemon to white grapefruit citrus (which still remains a dominant factor). Cracker, some oats in a more unprocessed, cereal fashion. Some peppercorn aspect but lighter here. Green tea, chamomile and a brief gesture towards pine. What drops off a lot in the mouth is the fruit, tenuous grip in the apricot, pear, red apple to star fruit flavors. Neither all that dry nor sweet, falls short of refreshing which hampers drinkability. Valid stab but not leaving this imbiber seeking more.
3 out of 5