Dark City Brewing Co.
Social Mosaic Berliner Weisse (Brewed With Mosaic & Milk Sugar)
Berliner Weissbier
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
Extremely loose knit head, crests quickly above a finger and vanishes swiftly thereafter, leaving barely a trace across the surface, was bright white while it lasted, zero lacing. The lightness of the yellow straw color in the liquid plays up the haziness and allows you to see all the particulate floating throughout, the bubbles move at a nice pace and just close enough to form beads. Lemon out the wazoo, the nose totally citrus dominated, peppery and herbaceous, mineral water, coal tar shampoo, sharp edged papaya, guava, pineapple fruit scents, very active and does not wear out easily. In the mouth it comes across as medium-bodied, puckering with a vinous feel. The carbonation has nice pinpoint prickle, fits the general character. Again the lemon citrus pervasive, maybe some tangerine in reserve. No funkiness and not anywhere near as grassy as the nose suggests. Hard to see where the milk sugar comes in, maybe adds body or creaminess at the finish, hard to say it adds sweetness. Medicinal profile, bitters, the fruit on the main pineapple, apricot, papaya, not especially juicy. It's an interesting brew which holds your attention but would wear you down over the course of an evening. Best with a good chill on it.
4 out of 5