Dry Creek Valley, California
Lots of sediment adhered to the bottle shoulder. Barest vestige of purple remaining in the core, from there on out it's a segue of brown, red, and orange, on the whole clean and does not appear washed out. Matured nose of maraschino cherries, campfire smoke, leather, dark chocolate and meadow scrub, even having lost weight along the aging curve does not display alcoholic heat and the level of fruit in the overall mix way above acceptable. Medium-bodied and heading towards light, there's more focus than concentration. The acidity can be turbulent at times. More orange to lemon citrus here and the leathery, loamy aspect elevates decisively. Mainly cherry, raspberry fruit with a touch of golden raisin. Additional air time does not change it much. Passing peak, likely best 3-5 years ago but no slouch today.
89 points