Had this Mon night w/ Bresaola & Speck:
7. Cascina Ca'Rossa Birbet (100% Brachetto; Mosto Parzialmente Fermentato; 5%; DinoCapriottiSlctn)
Ferrio Angelo/Canale/Piemonte 2016
: Light garnet color; tiny bubbles that dissapate immediately; very fragrant
strawberry/Brachetto light earthy soda pop nose; quite frizzante lightly sweet strong strawberry/Brachetto/Nehi
strawberry soda pop slight earthy fairly light flavor w/ no tannins; med.long strong strawberry/Brachetto/
strawberry soda pop slightly sweet rather frizzante finish w/ no tannins; a pleasant little Birbet but just
that. $16.00/500 ml (K&L)
More twitprattle from TheBloodyPulpit:
4. Birbet: One of my favorite wines. Made from the Brachetto grape, usually slightly sweet, usually frizzante.
And adult soda pop. Goes great w/ charcuterie, Bresaola and LaQuercia Speck in this case. I don't this this
Birbet was a good as the Malvira or the Sottimano Mate versions.