Tried these w/ Susan this weekend:
1. Terre DorA Di Paolo Falanghina DOC: Irpinia Corte di Giso (12.5%;; Vias Imports) Walter Mastroberardino/Montefusco/Campania 2016: color w/ tiny bubbles on the side of the glass; rather aromatic flowery/spicy/apple blossom/mango almost muscatty bit perfumed talc quite attractive fresh/zippy nose; fairly tart strong floral/mango/spicy/apple blossom bit stony/perfumed talc almost muscat-like flavor; very long floral/mango/apple blossom/spicy light stony/mineral/perfumed talc finish; quite an attractive perfumed Campania white at a great price; not a profound wine but very nice drinking; despite the bubbles, no sign of dissolver CO2. $16.50 (KK)
2. Pilota Dd'O: Getariako Txakolina Basque WW (Hondarrabi Zuri;; 11%) 5 Mahatsondo S.A./BasqueCountry/Spain 2016: color w/ tiny/tiny swirling bubbles that agglomerate rapidly; fairly strong apple/pear/spicy bit quiet somewhat simple light chalky nose; off-dry (.6%-.8%??) bit frizzante/dissolved CO2 light apple/pear/quince slightly vapid/watery flavor; fairly short simple/apple/quince/pear bit perfumed talc rather vapid finish; a pleasant enough nose but rather vapid/dilute on the palate; dissolved CO2 again robs another white of its character; very little of that stony/mineral character of good Txakolina. $19.00 (KK)
3. Cosa Obra SauvBlanc HummingbirdVnyd/SonomaCoast/SonomaCnty (14.2%; Gregory Hayes/SantaRosa 2015: Light gold color; loads of tiny bubbles that agglomerate quickly; somewhat ripe/melony/SB/citrusy/lime very Kiwi-like nose; off-dry (1%?; way too sweet) fairly tart pineapple/lime/melony/SB/citric somewhat spritzy bit watery flavor; med.long spritzy bit tart/tangy off-dry ripe/melony/SB/lime/pineapple somewhat watery finish; way too sweet and rather vapid/watery on the palate; good SB character but dull as dishwater; another dissolved CO2 dullard. $nc (MS)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Based on EricAsimov's latest plug for Campania Whites, and a very good Taurasi '03 from BobSherwood's cellar, I decided to give this new arrivial a shot. I was impressed. I assume this is a single vnyd wine. Now will go back & try the Greco as well.
2. CosaObra: This was a new wnry for me from BobSherwood's collection. Bob was quite a fan of SauvBlanc and had a good palate for those wines, so I expected good things here. Alas, it did not deliver.
Winemaker is Kent Humphres of EricKent Cellars.