Tried two pinots with dinner tonight (a continuing by-product of inventorying the wine cellar).

2006 Sean Thackrey Andromeda

After a disappointing experience with a bottle of the 2007 the other night I decided to give the 2006 a shot (especially after finding two bottles I didn't know I had). Definitely a better experience, although not one to win me over yet to Sean's touch with pinot. A faint hint of the reductive nose I found with the 2007, but it quickly blew off to show a deep spicy nose. This is a wine that desperately needs air and time. At first the dark fruit seemed a bit dull, but it brightened with time in the glass developing depth with strawberry notes, spice and peppery notes. The tannins are firm and there is nice acidity. Short finish. Much better than the 2007, but not great. There are a lot better pinots coming out of California. A wine to wait on for a few more years to see if it develops or decant it for a couple of hours. B+

2015 Deovlet Pinot Noir Bien Nacido Vineyard

Another winery that we visited on Ken Zinn's recommendation last fall. Not a great pinot, but thoroughly enjoyable for what it is. There is a tiny bit of funk on the nose which quickly blew off to show some nice raspberry notes. Pretty fruit on the palate, strawberry, fine tannins, nice acidity. Moderately long finish Nice. B+ ...But wait there's more. As this sat in my glass it got more and more complex. The nose showed cinnamon notes and the palate brightened and picked up weight showing dark fruits, black cherry and spice. It went from a B+ to an A-. I think this will need 3 to 5 more years to fully express itself.