Had this last night:
1. CowanCllrs Skin-Frmtd SauvBlanc SilverPinesVnyd/SonomaMtn (13.3%; www.CowanCellars.com; 36,295 cs) CowanCllrs/SantaRosa 2008: Deep golden/burnished bronze color; beautiful honeyed/orangey very slight herbal/SB rather spicy/cardamon/curry powder slight woodsy/forest floor very slight phenolic/resiny very exotic/complex/perfumed nose; lightly tart some phenolic/resiny quite honeyed/honey comb/orangey bit herbal/SB very spicy/cardamon rich/lush/velvety beautiful exotic/complex flavor w/ no signs of tannin nor oxidation; very long/lingering light phenolic/resiny/skin-contact very strong orangey/honeyed/honeycomb slight herbal/SB exotic/complex finish that goes on&on; a stunning skin-contact white; no telling what additional age will bring to this wine; no signs of either oxidation nor tannins. $nc(MS)/$26.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This was served at cool room temp to knock down any phenolic character and possible tannins.
My TN from Nov'12:
Originally Posted By: "Tom"

8. CowanCllrs Skin-Frmtd SauvBlanc SilverPinesVnyd/SonomaMtn (13.3%; www.CowanCellars.com; 15 cs) 2008: Deep gold/
burnished bronze/bit browning color; slight oxidized very exotic piney/resiny/forest floor quite phenolic/
pungent/apple cider/orangey very exotic/complex nose; soft/lush/rich piney/resiny/mango/orangey bit earthy/herbal/
SauvBlanc fairly phonolic/cidery bit sweaty horses complex/exotic flavor; very long/lingering orangey/mango/cidery/
pungent slight earthy/herbal/SauvBlanc rather phenolic complex/exotic finish; a bit like an Amontillado sherry w/o
the oxidation, a bit like an Arbois w/ more richness/lushness; quite an interesting & exotic SauvBlanc. $26.00

It's interesting that the phenolic character I found 5+ yrs ago seems to be fading into the background.
For folks who poo-poo these skin-contact whites, this is, I presume, an example of how those wines can evolve into something pretty exotic. For those who worship at the altar of varietal typicity or the altar of terroir (two false Gods I might point out), this wine is not for you. But those who like truly great wine...this one is for you...for a new experience and if you can think outside the box.

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