Tried this dessert wine last night:
1. BarboursvilleVnyds Virginia Malvaxia Passito WTW (13.9%;; 2003: Deep golden/garnet/rather Madiera-like color; bit alcoholic very strong grapey/passito slight Malvasia/muscatty very aromatic/perfumey rather complex bit earthy lovely nose; soft quite sweet very grapey/passito slightly hot/alcoholic some muscatty/Malvasia/floral bit orange/caramel/buterscotchy quite complex flavor; very long/lingering bit alcoholic intense grapey/passito slight oxidative very sweet some Malvasia/muscatty/floral/orangey complex finish; much like a Moscatel de Setubal; a really lovely example of a maturing passito dessert wine. $34.00/hlf
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Not quite sure how I happened to have this wine. Probably got it at DarrellCorti's is my guess. Their present passito is Paxxito and made from MuscatOttonel & Vidal.
Passito is a genre of wine they should be making all up&down the coast of Calif. They can be great dessert wines and can be made from most any variety of grape.

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