Francesca Castaldi Colline Novaresi Vespolina Nina 2011

13% Imported by C&G, Oregon

Had this on a cool night. I believe this is 100% Vespolina. Vespolina is a grape normally used for blending Alto Piedmont red wines. I'm not sure it is still being made as I couldn't find it when I looked. Colline Novaresi is the larger, more regional designation for Alto Piedmont wines, as opposed to a smaller designation like Gattinara, for instance.

I think I met Francesca at my local wine shop where she was pouring this wine. She is out of Briona, IT. C&G have brought in some nice Alto Piedmont wines.

This is a very nice wine. I think it's the first time I have had 100% Vespolina. "Dry and piercing. Very smooth. Fantastic with food. Chalky flavors". My wife really liked it. My only knock against this wine was that it wasn't all that distinctive, hence the lack of tasting notes. But again, very nice wine although it sounds like I may have had one of the few around. A good argument for 100% Vespolina wines. I was really uncertain how long to age this wine. I think it was a good time to open it. I think it could last for quite awhile but not sure it's going to change or get better.

The label has some detail of an ancient drawing and under the word "Nina" is "brillante, flessuosa, fragrante, intensamente e meravigliosamente misteriosa".


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