Tried these two w/ Susan on Fri w/ Melody Sherwood:
1. Loimer GrunerVeltliner Langenlois DAC: Kamptal (12.5%; Organic Grapes; L-N 1158/17) 2016: Light gold color w/ tiny cloud of swirling bubbles that agglomerate rapidly (dissolved CO2); quite attractive GV/floral/spicy light white pepper fairly fragrant if a bit simple nose; some tart bit spritzy light floral/GV/bit white pepper slightly off-dry somewhat vapid flavor; med.short bit spritz light GV/floral/white pepper off-dry lightly tart somewhat watery/vapid finish; very attractive nose but doesn't deliver what the nose promises on the palate; another Austrian Gruner robbed by the dissolved CO2; bit too off-dry and not very interesting Gruner. $23.00 (KK)
2. Robert Mondavi Chard MontereyCnty PrivateSlctn (Aged: 2 mo. in Bourbon brls; Lmtd Release;; 14.5%) 2016: Light gold color; some melony/Chard/celery seed light vanilla/caramel/bourbony rather pleasant/interesting nose; lightly tart ripe/melony/Chard/celery seed strong vanilla/vanilla extract/caramel/oak flavor; med.long some melony/Chard/celery very strong vanilla/vanilla extract/Bourbon/oak finish; pretty strong Bourbon character on the palate but enough fruit to go with it.
$13.00 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Wine geeks are not supposed to like a concocted/spoofalated wine like the Mondavi. But I actually rather liked it because it had the fruit to go w/ the Bourbon character. Not nearly as bad as Joe Swan's.
Ole Joe was a noted pinch-penny. When it came time to make his first Estate Chard, in '73, he decided to do it on the cheap. He bought some used whiskey barrels (probably no HomeDepot there back then), broke them down and scraped out the insides, and put them back together. The '73 Chard went into them. It had a pretty strong whiskey character to the nose and the palate. Joe hated it. I found it kinda interesting. Actually, at 12-15 yrs, it turned into a rather interesting Chard w/ attenuated whiskey character. Wonder if Rod still has any btls of that wine?

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