Tried this Sat night w/ Susan:
1. TerredorA Di Paolo Aglianico IGT Compania (12.5%; Montefusco/Compania 2015: Very dark color; strong plummy/black cherry/licorice/Aglianico some dusty/earthy/loamy Italianate/rustic some hot-climate nose; soft rather metallic/sour/tangy fairly earthy/loamy/dusty/root cellar rather hard/bitey slight plummy/black cherry/licorice/Aglianico rough/coarse/rustic/hot-climate flavor w/ ample rough/coarse tannins; very long rough/coarse/rustic/loamy/hot-climate some Aglianico/licorice/plummy/black cherry finish w/ some rough/coarse tannins; not at all unclean/bretty but a very rough/coarse/rustic Compania red. $15.50 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Was not particularly impressed by this wine. The Falanghina '16 and the Taurasi '03 of a week ago were much more impressive. Any Calif Aglianico (at 2-3 times the price) would blow this one away. This is a wine for those who worship at the Altar of Terroir.