And here's something linked in WineTerroirist, an article on the difficulties of being a Mom in the wine biz:
by StevieStacionis, owner of BayGrape in Oakland.
They have an organization, BattonageForum:
that is having a gathering in the NapaVlly in July to discuss many of these issues. Lots of familiar faces in their organization.

I have nothing but the highest of respect for Moms (and Dads as well) who are working in the wine biz, and have to struggle to hold down a full-time job and yet still keep a semblance of real life raising a family. I know a couple in the NapaVlly who are both winemakers and have two grade school age children. When I stay with them, I come away in complete awe of how they do all the things necessary to raise a family and still maintain their day jobs and yet keep their sanity (presumably).
Several other winemakers up in Healdsburg, one a single Dad, I know that leave me in complete awe as to how they are able to pull it off. Raising a family is the highest calling a person can ever have, in the wine biz or outside the wine biz. When it's all said & done, that task dwarfs any 100-pt btl of wine they'll ever make. Hats off to all of them.

OK...end of rant...back to our regularly scheduled wine-geek talk.

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