Stone Brewing Company
Delicious IPA (A citrusy IPA With Lemondrop & El Dorado Hops)
American IPA
12oz, 6-Pack
Moderate finger's worth of off-white foam, speckled with larger bubbles, retention is average at best, the lacing forms strong and long streaks but only a few stick for any length of time. Bright coppery orange colored liquid, decent clarity with tiny active bubbles spread throughout. Grainy, peppery nose with a strong leafy bitter hoppiness which tends to push all else to the side, not really getting a significant lemon element, some pineapple to papaya fruit, however, on the whole the fruit as well a bit player. Medium-bodied and extremely muscular, if not stern. Super-dry with a tacky residue left on the tongue. More honey here and the lemondrop gains clarity. Burnt sourdough crusts, saline and dank leafy matter elevate on the back end. Sour white grapefruit slowly overcomes the lemon aspect. As in the nose, difficult to find a consistent fruit presence, what's there mainly pineapple, nectarine, peach. Squarely placed within the Stone idiom.
3 out of 5