Slack Tide Brewing Company
Tipsy Dipsy
American Double/Imperial IPA
New Jersey
32oz, Single
One to two finger head of plain white foam, some dimpling but while it starts out average its general retention is excellent, wide dabs of lacing which are more than random splotches. Hazy golden color with hardly any visible bubbles, dull yet in keeping with visual expectations. Big, boisterous nose of blood orange, white grapefruit citrus, pine sap, unprocessed grains and damp earth, fully ripened apricot, peach, nectarine fruit, stiffens well at the finish and doesn't allow that ripeness to soften the texture too much. Full-bodied, cotton ball texture in spite of its general weight. Carbonation is low and tends to not do much to oppose the pillow feather feel. The grassy qualities are well knit into the whole fabric and tease out more white grapefruit notes than might otherwise appear. Honey, molasses to caramelized brown sugar keep it in balance. Milk chocolate, malted milk ball aspect smoothes it out some, general maltiness more evident as it warms. Good heft and generally drinkable but there's nothing about it that makes you stand up and take note.
3 out of 5