7 Mile Brewery
Beach Bubbles Pear Wit Ale
New Jersey
12oz, 6-Pack
Thin half finger head, pure bright white, simmers down to a meager surface coasting, the lacing starts out strongly but not much stickiness. The liquid is filmy with noticeable residue accruing at glass bottom, darkens the basic golden hue, the amount of visual carbonation is gargantuan, like a rainstorm turned upside down. The juicy pear fruit dominant and creates a generous perfume, honey, sweet wheat notes, floral, while quite pretty you call the fragrance a one trick pony. Medium-bodied and a bit thicker than expected, though it does slim down through the finish. Carbonation steady, more fluffy than cleansing. The pear steps back here to a complementary position as the wheat, clove notes, not especially yeasty yet there is a quick touch of bubblegum at the end. In spite of the floral inner mouth perfume it maintains the flavors tend to trail off. More pleasing ice cold to firm up the profile.
3 out of 5