7 Mile Brewery
7MIPA (7 Mile India Pale Ale)
American IPA
New Jersey
12oz, 6-Pack
Modest one finger head, bright white with a mottled surface, excellent length to the thin lacing strands and they stick well to boot. Faint cloudiness to the dark coppery colored liquid, filled throughout with an active swirl of tiny bubbles, fresh and lively appearance. Explosive tangerine, blood orange to pink grapefruit citrus in the nose, fresh flowers and pine sap, ripe mango, peach and apricot scents, presents a steady biscuit underpinning but minimal sharp notes. Medium-bodied, good bones and in no way flabby, dry enough to keep up a quick pace across the palate. A lot more biscuity, bready notes and peppery accents than in the nose. In turn the papaya, mango, apricot fruit less robust and showy. The primary position of the tangerine, pink grapefruit citrus goes unchallenged. Low alcohol puts it in the sessionable category but the texture is too rough around the edges to consume more than two in a row.
3 out 5