Slack Tide Brewing Company
Angry Osprey IPA
American IPA
New Jersey
32oz, Single
Crests at about a finger plus of bright white, evaporates easily to a surface coating, surprising then how the lacing sticks in broad sheets which virtually cover any space it meets. Bright amber hued liquid with no diminishment at the rims, consistent stream of larger bubbles fill the glass. Spicy, biscuity nose with pepper, malted milk balls and spiced orange peel, the apricot, peach, mango fruit more consistent than seeking attention, pairs well with the maltiness balance out any inclination towards herbaceousness. Full-bodied, smooth with pleasing carbonated tingle. Here too leads with orange, lemon citrus tones leading into malt, milk chocolate and coffee candy flavors. The breadiness comes to the fore as it warms and at the same time the apricot, peach, nectarine, pineapple fruit concentrates. The grassy nuances play around the periphery and there's little bitter about it. Nice active presence on the palate.
4 out of 5