Slack Tide Brewing Company
The Ridge New England IPA
American IPA
New Jersey
32oz, Single
Two fingers of airy, souffle like head, deep tan, plenty of hills and valleys across the surface, wispier lacing looks like clouds in the sky. Cloudily opaque copper orange colored liquid, barely lightens at the rims, no visible carbonation. The nose starts out crisply with black pepper, sourdough crust and dried grasses before opening into orange blossom, black tea and chamomile, not overly fruity, the peach, apricot, nectarine scents never turn overtly sugary nor ripe. Full-bodied, plenty dense with a persistent dryness despite a more general fluffy texture. Citrus emphasis of blood orange, tangerine and some grapefruit. Mixes in more tea leaf, tar and biscuit accents. That dryness pervades the pineapple, nectarine, guava fruit. Turns spicier near the finish. For its heavier weight offers solid drinkability.
4 out of 5

Edited by Marc Hanes (07-03-2018 13:43:52)