Cape May Brewing Company
L'Attitude Experimental IPA (Collaboration with DC Brau)
American IPA
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
An aggressive pour barely yields two fingers of loosely knit white foam, rapid dissolve down to a spotty surface dusting, the lacing starts off wide and long yet lack of stick has it too gone in a moment. Filmy dark yellow to washed out orange hued liquid, more translucent than opaque, only a few lonely bubbles here and there to see. The nose has a sharpness to it, unprocessed grains and rye, sour lemon peel, unmown lawn grass, white pepper before any chamomile, camphor or violets settle it down some, the white grape, apple, apricot pit scents lean and taut. Medium to full-bodied, here turns things around and it starts off with flowers, chamomile to Earl Gray tea and Indian spices before veering into white pepper, high-toned herbaceousness and tarry earthiness. The carbonation is just below average and does not provide the churn needed to relieve the oppressive bitterness. The apricot, peach, melon fruit does not have the power to stand up to the other elements. It's not dank, it's piercingly grassy and tart and leaves a thick drying residue on the palate. Not flawed per se but had a hard time finishing a single 16 ounce can.
2 out of 5