New Sarum Brewing Co.
Lemon Balm And Beet Hoppy Wheat
American Pale Wheat Ale
North Carolina
16oz, 4-Pack
Pours a gargantuan head that initially fills 2/3 of the glass, pink tinted white foam, airy and mostly comprised of larger bubbles, that said the retention is credible, when there's room for it the lacing never quite separates from the head. Brightly glowing pink liquid with a shimmering orange tint, opaque, could be a glass of pink grapefruit juice, the carbonation is tightly beaded so even through it all you can see steady bubble streams. The beets come through loud and clear in the nose, as does the wheat to make a very natural pairing, the lemon balm more lost in the muddle until it sighs at the end, no real fruit presence due to the beets but there is something vaguely medicinal like Vicks rub. Medium-bodied, soft and creamy and arguably over-carbonated as it comes close to foaming out of your mouth (might have been deemed necessary due to thickness of beet juice). Has an acidic character which focuses the beets, flavorful without excess sweetness and which teases out more lemon citrus. The wheatiness softens the back end and opens the door for earthiness. No grassy bite nor bitterness yet manages to finish dryly and without puckering. Great sense of movement of change, nails it start to finish.
5 out of 5