2002 Graves Syrah Paso Robles

I remember a wonderful visit during an HdR past at Hilary's place. Pat remembers the owl best! In any case I pulled this wine to go with grilled vegetables (from Pat's garden) and sausage with wild rice. I had little expectation that it would still be firing (backup bottle at the ready). I was wrong.

Under a screwcap. Vibrant red in color with almost no fading at the edges. A spicy nose. What really hits you on first taste is the bright core of vibrant dark cherry fruit. A touch of anise and black pepper. Firm tannins still not entirely resolved and perhaps just a touch too much acidity for my taste, but nothing to deter enjoyment of the wine. This needed a lot of air to show its best. A nice moderate finish of dark fruits and spice. Nothing spectacular, but quite drinkable and enjoyable with the meal. More important, Pat liked it. wink

Give this one a "B", and color me suprised. I understand that Hilary gave up winemaking seeveral years ago and that's a pity.


Edited by Charlie Chadwick (07-07-2018 18:17:55)