Tried last night:
1. Reustle/PrayerRockVnyds Viognier Noah's&Jezreel Bloc/PRV/UmpquaVlly (14.3%; 85% Fr.oak/15% SS frmtd; 270 cs;
Drk: 2014-2016) 2013
: Light gold color w/ tiny bubbles that dissapate rapidly; rather attractive pear/peach blossom/floral/Viog lightly spicy quite pretty nose; rather soft/fat/bit porky slight spritz/dissolved CO2 rather floral/Viog/pear/peach lightly spicy/nutmeg pleasant flavor; med.long bit soft slight tangy/metallic/grapefruity rather Viog/floral/pear/peach blossom bit spicy/nutmeg slight dissolved CO2/spritz finish; clearly a bit of dissolved CO2 but doesn't harm the palate but fails to give it a perceived acidity or brightness; a pleasant enough Viog but nothing very special & needs more acidity; not showing any signs of age. $16.20 (vSK)
No BP today.