Cape May Brewing Company
Corrosion Kettle-Soured India Pale Ale
American IPA
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
Finger plus of bright white foam, full range of bubble sizes give sit visual depth but there's hardly any retention, and the lacing is like a crashing wave, big then gone. The liquid appears more murky than hazy but the yellow coloration has a day-glo depth which captures the light, random beads form against the glass walls and spill upwards. The nose immediately slaps you with sour notes, vinous with white grapefruit, pulped lemon citrus notes, penetrating star fruit, pineapple, kumquat to pomegranate, lean with no extra flesh, peppercorns, sourdough crusts, corn husks, minerally, for as deep as it penetrates your nostrils not that long lived. Medium-bodied, the sourness gives it a steel beam feel and ensures that everything stays in its preordained place. The lemon, grapefruit pith starts drying out the palate quickly. Minerally earth and dried grass jump into the fray, the kind of bread crumbs you'd feed to pigeons. Desiccated pineapple, papaya, star fruit, nectarine flavors, more raw energy than juiciness. Then a big burst of quinine. Too much sour, not enough IPA.
3 out of 5