Bhramari Brewing Company
Molly's Lips Black Gose With Orange Blossom (Ale Brewed With Coriander, Sea Salt & Orange Blossom)
North Carolina
12oz, 6-Pack
Finger of dark brown foam, tight weave and even surface, somehow though retention is not that great, lacing forms long, stringy strands. Pure black liquid, not even a hint of color around the edges, very difficult to see any bubbles within. Smoky nose that evokes campfire wood, roasted coffee and burnt caramel, the orange blossom comes through but not so gently, has a sourness to it, maybe a hint of cherry but not a lot of fruity scents but has a vinous aspect, lasts well but not that complex. Medium-bodied, sour and tart with lemon and orange citrus upfront as well as retronasally. Again, the roast is overpowering with mocha, coffee bean and close to grill smoke nuances. Underneath it all are light doughy and minerally notes as well as saline. No fruit to be found here either. Dry finish, the saltiness pronounced and coats the lips. Carbonation is very soft. The more you sip the heavier it feels, however, not bad in terms of extended drinkability. Two cans in a sitting would be the max. A valiant effort with its reach exceeding its grasp.
3 out of 5