Cascade Brewing Co.
Crazy Navel (Northwest Sour Ale) (Barrel Aged Blond & Wheat Ales With Orange Peel) (2016)
American Wild Ale
25.4oz, Single
Large initial foam through the pour that swiftly settles down to a thin surface coating, likewise the lacing starts off as broad sheet that runs off downwards with ease. Full haze to the liquid, deeply resonant copper orange color, opaque throughout. Sourly vinous nose of rose hips, lavender, blood orange citrus, the peach more of a unifying thread than prominent aspect, there are caramel accents now and then but they don't quite fit into the whole, if it ain't sour it seems of. In the mouth it's medium-bodied with a lithe, tight feel which has it move at a rapid clip throughout. Here the barrel qualities dominate with wet toast, toffee to hard caramel candy nuances as well as imbuing it with a greater sense of booziness. Peach, apricot pit with a hint of green apple and lemon. The carbonation shows focus and follow-through and organizes things well. The feeling of a sour pucker lasts much longer than the flavors themselves. Not as complex as might be hoped and tends to fatigue the palate quickly.
3 out of 5