Alchemist, The
Alena American India Pale Ale
American IPA
16oz, 4-Pack
Frothy two fingers of foam, light tan to off-white with a mild orange tint, retention is adequate and it maintains a full surface coating, the sheets of lacing slide down the glass with ease. Translucent haze to the bronzed orange liquid, no real noticeable particulate, highly active storm of tiny bubbles stream swiftly upwards. The nose drips with pink grapefruit to tangerine and lime citrus, considerably honeyed as well, the malts on the whole outlast the hops, the latter more floral and pretty than dank, solid dose of mango, peach, cantaloupe to guava fruit scents. Full-bodied, based on the visuals you'd think there would be more carbonation prickle but instead it's creamy if not exactly soft. Tar, tea leaf and pine sap set the stage. Clear uptick in herbaceousness, albeit not finding it all that bitter or puckering. Although less so than in the nose, the juicy pink grapefruit, tangelo citrus a major factor. The florality dewy is not outright musky and it shows a minty element as well. Malts smooth out the texture further. Caramel dappled mango, peach, apricot fruit, round and eschews tart bite. The biggest drawback is its density, at times you feel like you are chewing it. Otherwise, a citrusy and fruity flavor explosion.
4 out of 5