Russian River Brewing Company
STS Pils
Czech Pilsener
17.25oz, Single
Frothy finger plus head, bleached add bright white, dimpled surface, retention pretty good for the beer style, nice ring forms around the glass as you tilt it. Bright yellow straw colored liquid, transparent with a soft glow to it, bubbles on the fat side and scattered about. Very crisp and energetic nose, peppery with hay, unprocessed grains, corn husks in abundance, sort of ferrous metallic notes as well, derives a softer cushioned bottom from the malts as well as a generalized sweetening factor, hard to say there's any distinct fruit scents. Medium-bodied, sturdy carbonation provides steady pacing and a sense of activity per se. Refreshingly bitter with a grassy bite, however, there's a vague corn syrupy sweetness for counterpoint. Burnt bread crusts, table crackers, iron shavings, more spicy here than outright peppery. Still no real distinguishable fruit presence but there's an upwards tick of mixed sour white citrus. Softens through the finish where it's clean but not to the extent of losing length. Bit of retronasal florality. Intelligently put together but that bitterness may preclude having more than one bottle per sitting.
4 out of 5