Founders Brewing Company
Solid Gold Premium Lager
American Adjunct Lager
12oz, 6-Pack
Little over a finger of standard white foam, so airy that it takes only a few seconds to fully dissipate, as you'd expect after that there's zero lacing. Hazy bronze hued liquid, invitingly holds light inside the glass, naught but the most random of bubbles visible. Cracker, sandwich bread, suggestion of quinine to sparkling mineral water, spicy with a solid mat foundation, the basic peach, apricot fruit scents come through clearly, finishes with a waft of lemon. Medium-bodied, no lightweight and you feel it through to the finish. More citrusy here and the graininess brings more roughness than breadiness, the corn element moderately present. Yeasty aftertaste. Green hay or straw more than hoppy herbaceousness. Carbonation is steady, good level for overall feel. Same thing with the fruit here, apricot, apple, peach subtly present, light dab of molasses to it. To this imbiber lagers can be hard to assess because it's more about the whole than the sum of the parts which lend themselves better to analysis. But this one is solid, tasty and not wimpy, could drink a few ice cold at a ball game or such.
3 out of 5