Alchemist, The
Lightweight American Blonde Ale
American Blonde Ale
16oz, 4-Pack
Two plus finger head of dense, microfine, bright white foam, steadily works its way down forming valleys on the way, tiny splotches left on the glass sides. Ever so slightly hazy, bright golden color to the liquid, no beads but good amount of larger bubbles weaving their way upwards. The nose has a lively grassiness underneath, however, this outweighed by honey, corn syrup, bread grains and powdery malts, more lemon citrus presence as it warms, apricot pits and peach skin fuzz. Medium-bodied and heavier than expected, the carbonation not really adding substantial prickle. A lot more floral here and the fruitiness takes a big step forward as well, the apricot, peach borderline dried fruit in nature. Freshly baked country style bread, smaller accent of honey, something close to chamomile. Lemongrass led herbal bite is soft on the whole. That said, it manages to end with elevating bitterness and more pine and rye like notes. Very flavorful but it's hard to categorize it as refreshing due to the weight and sappy grip on the palate. Even with the low ABV two guys would be the maximum per session.
3 out of 5