Interesting article by Eric in today's NYTimes:
"Dry" Rieslings
in which he ponders the meaning of "dry" in American Rieslings.

Supposedly, the threshold of tasting r.s. in white wines is about 0.5 gm/100ml (0.5%). I tend to prefer my Rieslings on the dry side, unless I know it's something like a Spatlese or Auslese and know to anticipate some r.s,, which dictates how I use that wine. I always find it frustrating when I buy a Calif R that is labeled "dry Riesling" and find that it has a noticible amount of r.s. The Tatomer R has a whopping .77% of r.s. The Alsatian wine industry has pretty near killed my interest in their R (and GWT) by so often leaving too much r.s. in their (along w/ a low acidity and high alcohol). Pretty much Germany and Austria are the last refuges for those of us searching for dry R.