3 Sheeps Brewing Co.
Waterslides India Pale Ale
American IPA
12oz, 6-Pack
Dense two finger head with an orange creamsicle coloration, retention is excellent and the lacing forms extended streaks. The liquid is a gauzy copper color, noticeably dark, the minuscule bubbles seem to wander aimlessly. Very malty nose with cocoa, caramel to butterscotch notes before candied orange peel, pine sap, concentrated pineapple, mango to guava fruit scents, you can almost feel it gluing itself to your nostrils. Full-bodied, here the carbonation able to struggle and shave off some of the excess flesh. As in the nose no real herbaceous element, more unprocessed rye and dried grasses. The orange marmalade base blossoms into pink grapefruit and even a touch of lime. Grippy peach, apricot, guava to pineapple fruit, this provides whatever bite it has. Caramel, milk chocolate and toffee adhere it all together. Finishes with tar, charcoal and black tea leaf accents. If you don't mind the sheer heaviness of it, there's ample flavor and good follow-through with just enough bitter tackiness to remind you it's an IPA.
3 out of 5