Durty Bull Brewing Co.
American Pale Lager
North Carolina
12oz, 6-Pack
Crests around a finger of white foam, looks dense but dissipates swiftly, lacing only appears with constant swirling of the glass, no stickiness. Excellent shine and luster to the coppery orange colored liquid, meager amount of bubbles which slowly meander aimlessly upwards. Sweet nose of golden honey, corn syrup, malt powder and ripe apricot to peach fruit scents, has sufficient herbal character and peppery spice to possess an acceptably stiff nostril presence. Medium-bodied, fills the mouth cheek to cheek but not necessarily heavy for it. Carbonation is weak, benefits from a slightly dry texture, needs more grip than fluidity. The corn and processed grains element recedes back, however, the ripe pit fruit to apple, cherry stays squarely center stage. The honey, molasses more proportionate, nice interplay with the drying texture. Not a lot to say here, it's friendly and without overt flaws, the kind of beer you'd drink with friends who aren't into craft beer, they and you could both enjoy it.
3 out of 5