Alchemist, The
Hellbrook American Red Ale
American Amber/Red Ale
16oz, 4-Pack
Two plus fingers of tan to light brown foam, uneven surface, sufficient density to ensure a slow, long dissolve, more splotches than streaks, like thrown paint, moderate stickiness. Red inflected brown liquid, while dark the large amount of particulate floating inside is obvious, makes it hard to visually judge the bubble activity level, kind of sludge like. Quite herbaceous and piney nose, stiffens right up, mocha, pumpernickel bread, cola bean, peppercorns, really all over the place in terms of marrying sweets and savories, the apple, peach to pear fruit scents seem like the low A ball minor leaguer thrown into the deal for no reason. Medium-bodied, starts out very creamy and soft yet turns drier through the mid-palate and ends cleanly and freshly. The carbonation steps it up through the finish and aids cleanliness immensely. More cola, mocha, hard caramel candy, however, sweetness not in the cards as there's much more brawn in the pine tar, country style bread, pepper and green hay. At times verges on quinine, tonic water bite. This teases out a few grapefruit accents near the end. Lacks the generous softness, suppleness the beer category can offer but taken on its own its pretty solid.
4 out of 5