Mill House Brewing Co.
Cucumber Blessings (Cucumber Cream Ale)
Cream Ale
New York
16oz, 4-Pack
Manages to crest close to two fingers, bright white and noticeably airy, the bubbles popping looks like a fireworks display thus retention is not all that great, lacing close to nonexistent. Bright golden color with a buffed sheen, displays a few scattered bubbles. The nose focuses clearly on the cucumber, comes off fresh and newly sliced, very pure, supplemented by lemon peel, dill, yogurt, with a soft underlying graininess, not complex but doesn't present itself as such and doesn't need to be, pleasing length. Medium-bodied, flat in terms of carbonation, close to a still beverage. The cucumber flavors are clean and resonant without creating a drying texture. Any fruit flavors primarily apple, pear to watermelon. Echoes of corn syrup more than honey. That dill note faded here. Solid malt backbone helps maintain a softly inviting texture and balances out any inherent sourness in the cucumber. Likewise the grains are not arch and at times verge on breadiness. This isn't the kind of beer you judge in relationship to other beers, kind of has to be taken in isolation on its own merits. It's a winner.
4 out of 5