Trumer Brewery
Trumer Pils
German Pilsener
12oz, 6-Pack
Finger's worth of brilliant white foam, loosely woven and gone swiftly enough, based off of that the all but total lack of lacing not unexpected. Pale metallic sheen to the yellow gold colored liquid, mildly translucent, random solitary bubbles seem lost. Nose of spent yeast, corn syrup, toasted grains and even the grassiness comes off as dappled in something sweet, rich apricot, yellow apple to pear scents, lemon drop candy, lactose, finishing with a cleansing mineral water burst. Medium-bodied, good roundness which adds presence and palate coverage. The honey and malts control the attack but after that the bread dough, yeast, cracker to lemon pulp takes over. Oddly, seems more grassy here than in the nose. Soft floral notes help extend the apricot, red apple, pear to melon fruit. A lowkey and classically styled beer that surprises with its retronasal strength. Not much change as it warms, yet a solid chill helps the drinkability a lot. The best praise one can give it is that it tastes German.
4 out of 5