Tom brought this as a mystery wine last week:
1. ChestnutOakVnyd "Alba" WTW MonticelloAppellation (12.5%; 130 cs; VidalBlanc) Barboursville/Virginia 2016: Light gold color; rather appley/bit melony/Chard-like light earthy/stony/chalky rather interesting nose; rather soft bit Malvasia-like/muscatty slight metallic/stony bit bland flavor; med.short soft appley/Chard-like/bit muscatty/Malvasia-like slight earthy/chalky finish; tastes like a high pH white and a bit on the soapy side; a bit on the dull/bland side; shows no hybridy/Vidal character at all; not bad but just not very interesting.
No BP on this one. 'Nuff said.