Carton Brewing Company
Apiogeretla Black American Ale
American Black Ale
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
Around a finger's worth of brown foam, given its modest depth the retention is good plus and keeps a nice even surface, very thin lacing streaks but they do remain streaks. Starless night black liquid with the vaguest hint of orange or yellow at the edges, can't discern any bubbles. While there's formidable roast to the nose it's not burnt or overdone, mocha, American roast coffee beans, anise and vanilla bean, something close to ferrous, quickly darting wedge of lemon, not really getting any fruits scents at all off it. Medium-bodied and while dense is not as heavy as you might expect from how it looks. Intriguing in how the sweetness and bitterness dance around each other, no real linear progression. Black licorice, mint, roses lead to a soft graininess that doesn't coalesce into breadiness. More of a mixed citrus bite here. The dank wet leafy matter and marijuana element gets folded into the roast so it doesn't take over on its own. Powdered dark chocolate, espresso, kind of like a flourless chocolate torte. There's also nods towards roasted spit meats. Maybe, just maybe, some cherry or plum fruit. For all that's going on it never comes off as forcing itself on you. By the end of the can the ABV is obvious.
4 out of 5