Hey Brad and Rod,

Quick question. As I am writing this the main forum page states that these forums have these number of unique viewers:

General Wine Discussion - 134 viewing
Tasting Notes - 192 viewing
Italiana - 47 viewing
Value Wines - 12 viewing
Beer & Spirits - 28 viewing

Given how few people post here, I find this really hard to believe. The "participation rate" would be abominable. That's a lot of "lurkers." So, my question is how are these numbers derived? Does the automatic population of these numbers do a good job of not counting bots and such?

I seem to recall previous versions of WCWN would tell a logged in user which other logged in users were active and viewing the same board (this is a pretty basic chat board function). But WCWN does not present this function. This info would say a lot of the validity of the "number viewing" accuracy.

Thanks in advance for helping me understand this!