As linked in WineTerroirist, in Punch, JonBonne crawls way out on a limb:
and tries to make some sense of texture in wine. It's a very complicated subject and Jon makes a valiant effort to bring some rigor to the subject. And not altogether successfully. Much like minerality and phenolic, it's difficult to wrap ones arms around the subject and talk about the subject with terms we can all grasp.
In my (short/boring) TN's, when I'm talking about the tannins in a wine (red or white), I try to describe not only the intensity of the tannins, but also the texture as well. Although a Nebbiolo and a Montepulciano may have roughly the same level of tannins, their texture is often vastly different. That's something I try to convey a sense of..not altogether successfully.
Although many folks tend to dismiss Jon's writings, I think he's made a good/thoughtful effort in this article to make sense of the subject of texture.