Scholium Project, The
Central Valley, California
Kirschenmann Vineyard
Pinot Grigio
Fully bronzed orange color, has a mild reddish tint, clear but flat throughout. The nose displays notes of nail polish and vinegar before segueing into apricot paste, fruitcake and potpourri, inert feel to it, resists analysis. Medium-bodied, fairly smooth and the acidity shapes more than savages. That apricot, peach paste and dried pineapple abundant here, yeasty with uncooked pie dough shades. Moderately floral, here and there you discern some quinine but on the whole much cleaner than in the nose. Finishes very dry, coming close to shortening things. Pinch here and there of basic baking spices and lemon juice spritz. For a skin-fermented "orange wine" it has decent freshness but the more you sip it, the more the law of diminishing returns kicks in. 500 ml bottle.
87 points

Note: After a few tries, a potable Scholium Project wine from Winebid. Need to gut through the rest of the bottles rather than keep putting off "consumption."